Summermoon’s Packing Frenzy

As my trip to Disneyand draws closer, I’m getting more and more into a packing mood
Being both a bit of a control freak and perfectionist, who wants to make sure her bags are packed on time and for any occasion, and a procrastinator; my packing habit tends to be a bit peculiar.

I start out way ahead of time to think of the outfits I would like to wear (making sure that all or most of the items that make up the outfits are interchangeable) and the shoes I’ll pack to go with those outfits (keeping in mind I have a bad ankle and as such will pack several types of shoes so I have all stages of “bad foot” emergencies covered). And of course also thinking of some backup outfits to be prepared for any occasion and any mood cause a) you never know if there’s going to be a snow storm in the middle of August and b) I’m a feeler and not a planner when it comes to chosing outfits.

As from the weekend before I leave, I start to think of what I need to take along in lines of toiletries, make-up, first aid kid, tech gadgets, books,…And slowly start on getting all the stuff upstairs to the walk-in wardrobe so it’s all at hand when I actually start packing…

This routine, however, gives me a false sense of confidence resulting in me doing the actual packing on the evening before or even the morning of my trip.
At that point you will see me running around the walk-in wardrobe and the bathroom like Tasmanian Devil summing up all the things I’ve already packed and all the things I still need to pack, since I don’t do lists, working on the nerves of my housemates.
But, as this routine seems to work very well for me, I’m not really planning on changing it any time soon.

Do you have a packing routine? Is it as quirky as mine or are you a more orderly and more timely packer?


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