Geeky Friday – The games edition

Both my housemates and I love playing board and card games and playing these kinds of games is a bit of a theme in all of our friendships, we play them during games days or nights as well as in the early hours of our new year’s celebration.

On Sunday me and my newest housemate visited a couple of friends to play games with them and some other friends. We ended up also eating some take-out chinese, which wasn’t a straight forward thing as we first received the wrong order and had to return to the take-out place. We did get 2 complimentary bottles of wine and some krupuk to make up for the trouble.

I chose my outfit to be suitable for a small apartment holding quite some people on a summer’s day, but also wanted it to be geeky and I had to be able to add hooped earrings following the #IwillwearwhatIlike list.


In the end I did a triple transgression with hooped earrings as well as a sleeveless geeky graphical T-shirts, paired with a linen skirt and my orange Tamaris bow-sandals, which I bought for the my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

We played several games, some I had and some hadn’t played before, but there’s one that stood out enough to make it to my games wishlist. (Yes, apart from my shoe wishlist I also have several other wishlists, including a dresses wishlist)
It’s a game called Dixit, which apparently won a lot of prizes and awards according to boardgamegeek.

dixit Oddesey

The game goes as follows: the player whose turn it is (I’ll refer to this player as “the first player” for explaining purposes) will look at his/her cards and choose a sentence to “describe” one of the cards he or she has in hand. I use the word describe loosely since you actually want to give a hint about what’s on your card without giving too much away if you want to score points.

Once the “description” is known, all other players look into their hand for a card that could also match that description. They give the cards blindly to the first player who shuffles them and then lays them on the designated spots on the scoreboard.
The other players now try to guess which card was the one of the first player hoping to get it right.

If nobody or everybody finds the correct card, the storyteller scores 0 oints, and each of the other players scores 2 points. Otherwise the first player and whoever found the correct answer scores 3 points. All players, other than the first player, who get their cards voted for receive one point.
The game ends when someone scores 30 points.

As an added feature you can have the first player block one of the cards of the others to avoid it from scoring points too.
(both the choosing and the blocking is done secretively and revealed when everybody has made their choice)

The reason it’s on my whishlist? I love the possibility to do some storytelling and I love guessing games.

Do you like playing games? Have you ever played Dixit and if so, did you like it?


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