It’s also that time of the year…

… during which, despite all my efforts to avoid getting stung (citronella patches and a DEET spray being the most effective ones), my legs are one big collection of mosquito bites.
To make matters more interesting worse, I’m allergic to mosquito bites, so they are all very itchy and some of them become small pustules, resulting in me no longer being able to wear my beloved skirts and dresses unless:

– they are maxi dresses or skirts (I only own 3 skirts and 1 dress that fit that description (unless you count my 3 evening gowns))


– I wear my loose-fitting linen pants underneath them


Those loose-fitting linen pants (of which I only own 2 pair), for the record, are also the only pants I can comfortably wear at the moment.
How’s that for a capsule wardrobe ;0)

Did you ever have to work with a restricted wardrobe because of an injury or allergy?


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