What’s in the bag – the Castlefest edition

Castlefest is a is a medieval/fantasy/pagan festival (and so much more) that is held each year during the first weekend of August in the gardens of Castle Keukenhof in the Netherlands.
It is also a yearly mini vacation for me and my housemates and always feels like being home from home;  a place to come to rest, meet old friends, make new friends, browse the stalls, enjoy the food, listen to the music,..

Just like when I’m traveling or going to a theme park, I like to pack for the occasion, taking along the essentials when I’m at the festival grounds, without carrying around too much stuff.
In order to do this as comfortable as possible, I take along the Hard Rock Café backpack I got with my membership welcome pack a few years back, turns out it’s ideal since it’s lightweight and just the right size to fit all my stuff.


So let’s see what goes into the backpack:
– lightweight version of my wallet and my medication and makeup essentials bag
– pocket versions of sunscreen, deodorant and hand sanitizer
– tissues
– my sunglasses and bug repellent spray (it is summer after all)
– my chopsticks (cause I (almost) never leave home without them)
– a battery pack for my phone to keep in touch with friends in order to meet up and make arrangements
– a lightweight rain poncho (bought at Graspop Metal Meeting last year)
– an extra sweater, because the secret to all outings is layers, layers, layers (especially when you’re good with hot and/or cold weather but not with temperature changes… I’m the girl who puts on a sweater in the evening when it’s only 30°C after a day of 40°C, while all the others finally stop huffing and puffing)

In previous years that bag would also have contained my dancing shoes,but since I’m still struggling with my energy levels and I’ll have to makes sure I take the necessary rest and naps even without dancing, I’m deliberately leaving them at home in order not to get too tempted. (I’m sooo proud of myself now!)

Do you have a standard packing list for when you go to festivals and the likes? Is there any type of bag you like or prefer for those outings?


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