Remover Review

After buying the Maybelline Express Remover Jar about 2 months ago, I thought it was high time for some kind of review.

First of all I have to say that the product does absolutely what the brief promises: you stick in your finger, you turn it around and it comes out squeaky clean without smudging on nails or fingers.
On top of that it doesn’t contain any acetone and has a really nice smell.

For those of you who haven’t used a dip in remover yet, inside the jar there is a product soaked sponge that you stick your finger into and that cleans it nicely and softly.
Even textured nail polis like the OPI one I talked about a while back is easily removed, although you might have to give it a second twist.

For people with small hands like mine getting your pinky in can be a bit of a stretch, but nothing too uncomfortable.

One of the first thing the crane fly housemate said when he saw me use the remover jar was “How on earth are you going to do your toes, you can no way get them in.”
He was of course right and there are actually two options here:

a) you buy another traditional bottle of remover

b) you take a cotton ball, put it on top of the product soaked foam in the jar where it will soak up remover and then use it like you usually do.

The second method is how I do it and that really works for me, cause unlike some people I don’t like to have 7 different products that do, or should do, exactly the same (samples, shower gel and soap not included obviously).

Have you used a dip in nail polish remover before? If so, which one was it and were you happy with the results?
What’s your view on having more than one product for 1 task?


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