Things I like: All things Disney

I’m an all-round Disney fan girl. I love the movies, the songs, the characters, the parks, the parades, the sand sculptures and of course I like the merchandise (which shouldn’t come as a surprise from a girl who has two Winnie the Pooh handbags, right?).

Let the memories begin

I still remember the first Disney movie I saw in a theatre: The Jungle Book with my dad, while my mom stayed home with my sister.
I remember asking my dad to play his record time and again until he put it on tape for me.
And that movie will always have a special place in my heart.

Sandy impression of Big thunder mountain

I still remember my first visit to Disneyland Resort Paris as well as both my visits to Disney World Florida.
And I’m really excited that I’ll be visiting Paris again next month taking one of my housemates for his first visit.
He’s also a great Disney fan and I obviously hope he’ll have a great time.



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