Summermoon’s Soapstory

Being ill and all I kinda missed out on the traditional spring cleaning action.
So, now that I’m once again able to do some stuff around the house, I’m making up for that cupboard by cupboard and drawer by drawer.

A few weeks back I sorted out my sample stock and today I did the same with my soaps.
I must admit that, for someone who doesn’t really use soap (except for washing my hands), I have collected a lot of soaps:

– a few hotel soaps
–  10 funny small soaps, all bought for the guest toilet (but apparently I buy more funny soaps than my guests seem to use)
– 10 regular soaps, all of them received as a gift at some time (very often to complement the perfume I was gifted)
– 1 ubercute Kermit the frog soap that will probably never be used


I gathered all the packaged funny soaps and the hotel soaps and put them aside to give to a charity.
All the other soaps are now gathered up in an old candy jar sitting alongside my sample stock vase being all colourful and cheerful.

Do you also have an ever-growing soap collection? Or do you actually use your soap?


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