Shout me a colour!

You know those days when you just don’t know what to wear because you can’t choose or because despite of a full closet you don’t seem to have anything to wear?

Well, I have a solution for that! (One that doesn’t involve last minute shopping to buy new stuff that you probably won’t wear because you bought it in a daze and it isn’t really what you would usually wear (if you’re me that’s how it goes in any case).)
Some people might advise you to start a capsule wardrobe so you have something to wear for any and every occasion…I on the other hand enlist the help of my housemates asking them to shout me a colour (and sometimes additionally “skirt or dress” “long sleeves or short sleeves” if I need to further eliminate my options).

The challenge of finding something based on the colour(s) that was (were) shouted usually has me finding what to wear within minutes.
Although my choices might seem a bit far fetched… The below Dr Who t-shirts was my choice when I got the colour yellow, since my only actual yellow piece of clothing is a shirt not fit for 25° weather.


This also works when you want help choosing between two or more outfits. Then I just ask which colour scheme they choose or just yell “a or b”.

What’s your solution when you don’t know what to wear?


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