Summer sales shopping

My housemate needed a new pair of house slippers, so I joined him at Brantano where I hoped to find some of the stuff on my wish list, but had no success.
I did buy new espadrilles to wear at home during the summer as well as these very cute Kickers winter slippers. (My housemate also found what he needed, btw.)


Since Bel&Bo is almost right next door, we hopped by and both tried some stuff. But his choices didn’t fit and my choices all had I little faults.
In all honesty they could have been easily repaired by the other housemate’s mom and I could have asked for an extra discount,  but I kinda like my clothes in mint condition and ready to wear when I buy them.
So in the end all I got there was a not really great mirror selfie.


My housemate suggested going over to the Frunpark a bit farther away, but I didn’t feel up to that, so we did that the next day.

First stop JBC, where I don’t even try to find anything anymore, since they only seem to cater to skinny people without boobs.
I did however take another (rather blurry) mirror selfie while my housemate (who bought several shirts there) was trying on stuff.


In the time it took him to get his shirts sorted after he made the alarm go “beeeep” at the door and then get his bag to the car, I managed to skim through the sales of not one but two shoe stores. Unsuccessfully, unfortunately…

And then it was time for a new experience: WhatsApp dressing room advice from one store to the next since we split up our shopping forces (divide and conquer).
It was a bit weird, but not unsuccessful since I ended up with 2 skirts and a dress from L&L (and 5 EUR shopping budget from a scratch card) and he ended up with another 2 shirts from C&A.

Although they are rather blurry and don’t do any of the new items justice, I’m posting the dressing room selfies anyway, just because I can 😉




Did you have success finding something during the summer sales? Have you ever used any kind of messenger to get of give shopping advise? If so, was it a success?


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