That time I didn’t visit the open garden in my street

Battling with post viral fatigue is for the moment mostly doing a lot of time/energy management. As my energy slowly gets back and I no longer take naps for a total of up to 6 hours a day, I manage to do some chores around the house in the morning, some napping in the afternoon (somewhere between & 1,5 to 3 hours) and then a bit of socializing with my housemates in the evening.

On Sunday I had planned to visit one of the gardens that open up for the open garden days, since it’s in our street, before going over to friends for dinner and a Pathfinder roleplaying session.
However, in the morning I felt quite energised, so I did some extra chores around the house resulting in me lounging about the rest of the morning (lazy Sunday style) and sleeping most of the afternoon until it was time to get dressed and go out.

Although I think it’s a pity I didn’t manage to visit the open garden, I’m still glad I managed to spend a lovely evening with friends without falling asleep before the end of the roleplaying session.


The Bel&Bo blouse in the outfit I’m wearing is one of my favourites. I have the short sleeved version in 3 different colours and I also have 1 in the long sleeved version.
I combined this outfit with my silver “princess sandals”, for which I still need to find a replacement before they get too worse for wear.

Have you ever bought an item of clothing or a pair of shoes in several different colours because you liked it so much? If so, which item was it?


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