Summermoon and the non-existing tutorials

The internet is a vast place of inspiration and “easy” tutorials for all kinds of hairdos…. If you have straight hair, that is…
If, like me, you are blessed with unruly curls (I say blessed since I really do like my unruly hair), you have a really hard time finding any suitable articles, pins,…

Sure, there are of course curly hair tutorials, but they all start from straight(ened) hair that is afterwards curled (which is exactly what hairdressers have done with my hair in the past those few times I had it done for special occasions) and to me that a) isn’t a tutorial for curly hair b) isn’t an option since that really can’t be healthy for your hair and c) doesn’t really classify as “easy”.

This however does not keep me from scrutinising articles and blog posts hoping that some suitable tutorial will come up.
Until I find one (or more) I’ll keep it simple with pony tails, a simple braid, some kind of bun or just letting it loose (preferably on unexpectedly windy days)…

Have you got trouble finding a tutorial suitable for your hair type or style? If so, have you ever made an attempt at a hairdo with the help of a tutorial?


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