Summer Frocktacular


As the pretty flyer suggest the second Summer Frocktacular ended last Saturday over at Go Frock Yourself.

Due to still being kinda couch bound, I only managed to upload a few pictures, recap and accompanying stories below.


Started on Sunday with a PJ-day, but did it in frocktacular style by wearing a Musti nightie.


Wednesday was International fairy day, so I popped on my wings for a quick snap.


Looking pretty exhausted on Friday when I learned that walking distance can be relative. Went out to mail a letter and ended up on a bench on the other side of the railway bridge (with my house in view) where I had to rest for half an hour.
Was glad I always put on some sunscreen when I go out, even if it is partly cloudy or just for 10 minutes.
(And yes I need (someone) to clean that mirror (for me)).


International Sunglasses day on Saturday, resulting in my photographer trying all kinds of crazy things to make me laugh because I looked too stern with my sunglasses on.
(Go here for a better look at the dress).


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