Travelling light

When I go on vacation, visit a museum, a theme park, a zoo, … I prefer to take along a smaller purse, preferably a backpack, as opposed to my regular one.

Mainly to avoid any unnecessary extra weight when a lot of walking is involved, but also to avoid things getting lost.


I bought this one from Hedgren to take  along on my first trip to Disney World back in 2010.
I chose this model for several reasons:
– it’s compact but can easily hold all of the items on the above picture (bug repellent, sun screen, deodorant, chop sticks, sunglasses, reduced medicine bag, band aids, reduced wallet)
– its main compartment’s access is oriented towards your back when wearing it correctly, which makes it inaccessible to those who shouldn’t have access to it in the first place.
– it has several smaller compartments for keys, phone,…that can all be closed.
– it has a front pocket for things you want to access easily such as a pen, tickets or a map.

One a side note: no, the flowers don’t fit into the bag and are no holiday necessity. Yes, the sun screen is SPF 50+, I have such a sensitive skin that I need it. Yes, the sun screen is a “kids sun screen spray”, which I chose because it is a lot less sticky than most total sunblock adult sun screens. On top of that, most adult sun screen sprays only go up to SPF 30 which will not do for my skin (which is about as sensitive as that of a red haired baby).

Do you take along a smaller purse when on vacation? If so, which type do you prefer and what do you take along?


3 thoughts on “Travelling light

  1. I typically take a Travelon bag/purse. It has security features, lots of pockets and compartments, and are typically easy to clean. They come in various sizes, colors, etc. Since I have a kid, we have to fit quite a bit into my purse. Snacks, sunblock, sunglasses, deodorant, medicine, band aids, a compact wallet, an autograph book and pen, antibacterial wipes and hand gel, lotion, cell phone, camera, camcorder, etc. As the days go on, I weed out stuff that we may not be using, like snacks. I try to keep my bag as light as possible, but it’s hard.

    1. I had never heard of the brand Travelon, so I checked them out, and now I’m sad they don’t ship outside of the US since they have some very interesting bags!

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