Summermoon’s first attempt at a shop log

So last week I was stomping around the house being all grumpy because I was about to run out of nail polish remover and a trip to Yves Rocher (in Ghent or Alost about, a 20 min drive) would be too exhausting, when all of a sudden I see the voucher that I got at the e-entrepeneur themed girl geek event lying around on my dinner table, so I decided to order over there.

In the mass of nail polish removers my eye fell on these two:


The Maybelline Express Remover Jar hoping to put an end to using heaps of cotton swabs and the
Herôme Corrector Pen hoping to put an end to my nail painting clumsyness.
I selected the Herôme pen over those of other brands because it comes with 3 extra tips, so you can use them for different colours/colour groups…

While at it, I also ordered some new make up removal wipes. I chose the Nivea sensitive skin ones because: a) I have sensitive skin and b) they had a 2+2 action on Nivea products going.

Afterwards I realised of course that I could have ordered my regular stuff online, but that would have taken effort (creating an online profile) and wouldn’t have counted towards the customer fidelity program, so meh.

What is your favourite nail polish remover? And why does it stand out for you


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