The softer the lips, the sweeter the kiss

No matter the season or the weather my lips seem to be cracked to some degree at all times.
As such I tend to use a lip balm throughout the whole year.
From late spring to early autumn my lips are mildly cracked and a high street lip balm will do, but the rest of the year they look like a battlefield and I need a high end pharmacy product.

Due to a sensitivity to perfume and an allergy to bee products (i.e. honey and beeswax which are often used in lip products) I took me quite some time to find suitable products.

My high street lip balm is provided by my favourite makeup brand Yves Rocher. The Macademia lip balm is part of the newest range of lip products that was launched last winter.
It is so lightly scented that it doesn’t get me nauseated and is applied like a regular lipstick and that for less than 3 euros.

Picture: Yves Rocher
Picture: Yves Rocher

My pharmacy balm is from A-Derma. A brand renowned for its high end products for sensitive skins.
Not only is this balm unscented, it rehydrates cracked lips and immediately soothes the burning sensation that often results from badly cracked lips.
It comes in a small 15ml tube and is easily applied similar to most lip glosses for about 6,32 euros.

Picture: A-Derma
Picture: A-Derma

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