Happy Easter

As per yearly tradition we celebrated Easter at my parents, combined with a late Father’s day celebration (Antwerp is about the only region in the world celebrating it March 19) and a late birthday celebration for my brother-in-law.

Getting the party organised was already a big deal, since my sis hijacked the doodle my mum organised to force us to save 2 dates, so she could arrange a date with her in-laws.
There was no getting it into her head that she couldn’t fill out the form, ask to take her favourite choice in account, only to put us on hold until she got confirmation there was no double booking.

On the day it turned out her eldest son had a tournament causing them to arrive almost 3 hours late.
We didn’t let that get to us and already started on the cava, resulting in a lot of doodling on the paper napkins and tablecloth. (My Garfield drawing skills aren’t amazing, but you can recognise him, right…)


When everybody finally arrived it was time for pressies, Easter egg hunt and lots of yummy food and some heated conversations.

Even though the spring weather of the past few days had abandoned us, I still opted for a dress in a spring worthy color.



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