Back on track with Dressember 2012

I was once told that you should never appologise for not blogging for a longer period, so I won’t.
I’ll just share that the past year has been a rather rough one, and blogging was just really not on my mind.
However seeing the Dressember 2012 suggestion to share your blog, just seemed the ideal way to get back on track with this blog, cause as soon as I saw the 2012 announcements it was decided that I would join again.

Since I’ve added some new dresses/tunics to my wardrobe I’ve decided to make this years participation a little more of a challenge by deciding I won’t wear the same dress/tunic twice.

Participating is really easy: just wear a dress (skirts, aka two piece dresses, are allowed ;)) every day of December and join the facebook group where you can share stories, experiences and if you feel like it pictures or even a link to your blog.
It’s really wonderful to get loads of positive feedback and comments on the dresses you wear!

As always getting my picture taken on a daily basis is the biggest challenge for me (even though I have a professionaly trained photographer in the house), but I’m not really bothered by that. Joining in on the fun is what really counts!


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