Dressember 7: Whirling Wednesday

Just like last year there are some theme days announced for Dressember. The first of them being Whirling Wednesday for which you should choose a swirly dress and twirl while you get your picture taken.

At first my partner wasn’t too keen on taking this picture since he thought it wouldn’t be all to safe with my low blood pressure, but somehow I managed to convince him that it wouldn’t be that bad.
It wasn’t as big a succes as I hoped though (feeling dizzy even before the first picture was taken) resulting in pictures of me making all kinds of funny faces. Which made me decide to go for a headless picture of me. Which will shock my partner if he ever learns about it since as a trained photographer that’s a big no-no (so shhhhh, don’t tell him)

For a better look at the dress, you should go here, where I’m posing in this dress at my parent’s place after my birthday party.

The next theme day is Sparkling Saturday this Saturday.


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