Visit to the hairdressers

2 things you need to know:

– my sis is obsessed with playing with hair ever since she was a little girl and I used to be her preferred guinea pig, even though she wasn’t always as gentle as one would like
– I hate going to the hairdressers and having people fidget with my hair, which might be the result of the not so gentle treatments my sister gave me. That is why I always postpone visits.

About 3 years ago my sister decided she might as well earn some money on the side by following a course in evening school and doing people’s hair at home.
She’s in her third year now, and she’s actually quite good. So following the brave example of my mom, some of my friends and even one of my colleagues, I played model for her last Tuesday and let her cut my hair at school.
Her teachers had a field day, commenting on my super sensitive and hyperallergic skin (OMG, she even reacts allergic to the warm water we use to rinse her hair).

She did a great job giving me a layered coupe and brushing my hair till it was all straight and smooth. Quite a change from my usual unruly curls and something I neither have the time nor courage for to do myself.


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