The Calligraphy Collection

Holly Gaiman, the daughter of Neil Gaiman one of my favourite authors, is also a very talented hat maker, who learned her trade amongst others from Rose Cory, former hat maker to Queen Elisabeth II, and from Kirsten Scott, who made hats for Karl Lagerfeld.
She recently won the audience award at the ‘Millinery’s New Star’ competition. An international competition by Stephen Jones and Vogue UK that offers young talents a oportunity to present itself.
She’s based in a studio in London where she mainly creates hats for expositions.

For Gallery KS21 she created The Calligraphy Collection for which she let herself be inspired by her fascination for Greek, Roman Arabic, Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy. In this collection the emphasis lies on the brushstrokes in Chinese and Japanese cultures.

The exposition runs untill the 31st of December and I honestly hope I will be able to visit it during my week off mid-December.


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