Everybody, Everywear

I can’t really remember when and how my attention was directed towards Everybody, Everywear, but I liked the concept immediately and even though this would have been the first time I was able to participate (because of a lack of DIY capabilities and coloured pants), I have enjoyed browsing the galleries of the past themes and getting new ideas of how I could “restyle” some of my favourite items (also know as, wear and combine what I have in different ways).
I said would have been, since Murphy reared his ugly head and boycotted me all the way: the battery of my camera turned out to be dead, couldn’t find my partner’s camera and had to wait till he was home from a work related meeting in Amsterdam, when we finally managed to take a picture my portable crashed upon uploading the photograph and I wasn’t able to do the upload on my partner’s pc since we couldn’t find the cable for his camera.

Since I managed the upload of the photo in the end, I’m putting it on here anyway and I’ll hope I’ll just have better luck with the next challenge 😉

For the coloured thights edition I went for 2 of my favourite colours: black and purple. Combining an LBD I bought this summer with a basic purple longsleeve and (almost) matching purple tights.
The shoes are from my favourite brand Tamaris.


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