Clumsy me – Shoeper shoe challenge #19 and #20

Last week I was grateful that Shoeperwoman changed the rules of the Shoeper shoe challenge and we don’t have to include a full length shot of our outfit anymore.

On Thursday morning I had taken advantage of the Indian summer we were enjoying (and which should lasted till Monday, giving me enough time to save the last 3 pairs of summery shoes that needed saving) to save my white strappy sandals.
Was planning to have my picture taken in the evening, but I managed to spill most of the vinaigrette I got with my salad when I was trying to open it, effectively making sure my outfit was no longer suitable for a shoe challenge picture.
Luckily the meeting with my new client was before my lunch break.

I bought these sandals in Malaga, 2 years ago in September, when I was visiting my cousin who lives about 25km outside of Malaga.
It was the same day my wallet was stolen, which caused some distress, but couldn’t counter the happiness I felt in finding these shoes after searching after a pair of white sandals for most of the summer.

By the way, it’s quite impossible to take decent pictures of your own feet, luckily I have my personal photographer

A few days later I saved the last pair of 3 very comfy Le Routard flats (the white ones), but didn’t manage to take a decent pictures since once again a lost a fight with some of my food and ended up spilling it on my skirt.


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