Shoeper shoe challenge #16 relax

I think the only reason I managed to get through this hectic week, in which I had to manage the client follow up of 3 of my colleagues (2 on vacation and 1 on sick leave) on top of my own, is because I knew I would be rewarded with going to a spa on Saturday with a good friend.
She had won a day pass and didn’t really feel like going alone so she asked me to come along, which I gladly did.

We started the day by passing by a vinotheque near by, which turned out ot be closed, and then went for a light lunch at the wellness center before we enjoyed a day of sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and more fun stuff.

In the evening we picked up my boyfriend and went for a nice meal and when we came home I went straight to bed (after having my picture taken), relaxing is a tiring business. (Which absolute doesn’t show in the picture, does it?)

In order to easily get in and out of my clothes and to let the relaxed feeling linger a bit when returning home I chose some comfy clotes (the skirt I returned home with after the swishing event) and another pair of Le Routards very comfortable strappy flats.


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