Wishlist update

Two months have gone by since the last whislist update, so let’s see what has changed on there.

– the search for a pair of gray suede boots is on hold till winter
– I spotted a nice pair of red Mary Janes last week in a tone I really liked (which isn’t always obvious with red), but they’re already new collection, and it doesn’t sit well with me to buy them during the sales period.
– still no pair of brown court shoes
– found a gorgeous pair of nude peep toes but haven’t been able to wear them yet. In June there was the recovery from the attempted toe murder and for the better part of July it’s been raining, which isn’t the best of conditions for suede shoes
– so far no luck in finding the black and red slingbacks I really like. Or with finding the denim upper’s pair I really liked in my size, but I’m not ready to give up on those yet.
– didn’t really look into the sales yet so there’s still hope to find some more summery wedges


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