2 challenges in one go

Have been a bit ill, so I didn’t manage to save any shoes last week, but I’ve made up for that with a black and red theme (the 2 colours that are most present in my wardrobe) today and yesterday.

The first pair of shoes used to be my dancing shoes. Since they still were in quite a good shape when i had to give up dancing because of an ankle injury, I decided to incorporate them in my regular shoe collection and that has been a success so far.

Immediately fell in love with the tights at H&M the day before yesterday and have received comments from quite busy over typically you to gorgeous.

Today’s outfit is a new summer’s dress I bought at L&L a while back. Wasn’t a 100% convinced about it till out of the blue 3 strangers (with no ties to the store) complemented me on it. I'm glad they did, because it is such a fun dress to wear.

The Super Mode Mary Janes were bought at a rummage sale at one of the local shopping centers near work last spring. And since they only cost me 9€ I also bought the blue version.


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