New handbag

My colleagues know me rather well and so they gave me a gift voucher from a shoe shop for my birthday in October.
Ever since I’ve dutifully visited the shop on a (mostly) weekly basis. But so far no luck: either the shoes I fell in love with were not a available in my size or the shoes in my size just couldn’t capture my heart.

And then I saw this handbag today and i instantly fell in love. Which is rather strange, cause up until now every handbag I instantly fell in love with was brown. It’s even so bad that I had to force myself to find a black handbag during the sales (and also had to force myself to put several brown bags back on the shelves).

Another strange thing about the fact that it’s blue, is that I haven’t worn blue for ages as a result of having to wear a blue uniform for 12 years.
But, last year I’ve also bought a blue dress and a pair of blue flats and one of the pairs of shoes that I have set my heart on (but haven’t found in my size yet) are light blue suede. So i might be getting over my phobia after all (which isn’t too soon after 16 years).


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