Shoeper shoe challenge #3

Yesterday we celebrated the birthdays of my brother-in-law and my brother’s girlfriend and my dad’s early father’s day.
It was also the very first springy day, so I took great pleasure in finally wearing something lighter than a thick sweater and getting my picture taken in my sister’s garden.

The outfit is Mexx. The skirt was pointed out to me by my boyfriend one of the first times we went shopping. I instantly fell in love with it. Unfortunately he hasn’t made a habit of finding me nice stuff, but he does still patiently tag along with me when I go sales shopping and have decided that he needs some new clothes too.

And spring clothing asks for fun shoes, so i dug out my pink Tamaris court shoes.

I originally bought them for some dear friends’ wedding, but then I kinda tried to assassinate one of my toes during the bride’s hen night. The toe survived, but was a bit mangled and was in no shape to fit in these shoes, so I bought the sandal version. Which I’ll save by wearing them with the dress I wore at the time, when the weather is a bit more summery.


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