Shoeper shoe challenge #1

This first shoe challenge is actually a bit of a double challenge. At the end of last year my sister invested in a party outfit and was convinced into buying bright red tights to liven up the little black dress.
In the end she didn’t wear them because she thought they were to bright and gave them to me, challenging me to wear them without it being “too much”.

So here they are combined with a black and white polka dot dress, a red belt, a black bolero and a pendant made of a real rose. An outfit that works quite well according to me.

The shoes are Tamaris, by far my favourite brand of shoes. I own at least 4 pairs of Tamaris shoes and they all fit like a glove.
I bought them last year in September and they were my very first pair of shoes I bought on impulse.
At the same time I bought a pair of simple black court shoes, to replace my prom shoes who merited a retirement after 14 years of service (in the end mostly only under fancy party dresses).


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