Frocking Friday 6: wrap it up!

One of the things that will become very clear as the Frocking Friday’s pass by, is my love for wrap dresses and wrap cardigans and by extension everything faux-wrap crossover like.
I don’t know the exact count of my dresses, but about 80% of them is wrap or crossover (just to give you an idea of the dept of my love).

The one I chose for this week’s Frocking Friday is one from InWear that I got as a present during the yearly birthday shopping trip with my mum.
The matching top was found about half a year later during the winter sales at Cassis and before that lucky find I wore it with a black or a gray top.

Oh, and I bought another one today, which will be shown when the weather is a bit better, since it’s a summer dress and a clothes hanger picture doesn’t really do it justice.


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