The Shoeper shoe challenge

Last year, Shoeperwoman Amber McNaught set herself the challenge of wearing every pair of shoes in her collection at least once in the space of a year. Just to make it all a little more interesting she decided to document it on her blog.
This year she’s inviting us all to join her.

The rules are simple:

– You must wear every pair of shoes/boots you own before the end of the challenge.
– You must take photos of yourself wearing each pair of shoes as “evidence”.
– Any shoes that you haven’t worn by the end of the challenge must be disposed of: use ‘em or lose ‘em.

The challenge starts from February 14th 2011 and will run until February 14th 2012. Everything you need to know to join in you can find here and here and a list of participants can be found here.

And since I thought it would be fun to have a before and after the challenge picture of my shoe collection I spent about an hour deciding on a place to take the picture, rounding up my all my shoes and arranging them to my liking just to take two pictures and then spent a half an hour to put them all away again.

Some explanation may be needed:

* I have a bad ankle with cicatrices resulting from an operation, as a result of which i sometimes have to say no to beautiful shoes with elaborate straps. Furthermore the ligaments of said ankle tend to inflame in summer when it’s over 25°C, which is why I own so many summery flats. This also prevents me from buying shoes online.
* I used to do Medieval reenactment and I have been wanting to take that up again for a while, so I included my Medieval shoes into the challenge hoping to stimulate me to really do so, so I won’t have to lose those shoes.
* the silvery flats are already signed up for going in the bin, but not before I find a worthy replacement for them. And as I always know very well what I want, but stores don’t stores don’t always cater to what I need, I thought it best to still include them in the challenge.
* things I would still like to add to my collection are: a pair of gray suede boots, a pair of red and a pair of brown court shoes, a pair of nude peep toes and a pair of black and a pair of red slingbacks. Whether I’ll find some that a) I like, b) are the right size (I have tiny feet) and c) are comfortable remains to be seen.


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